Review: Crime + Punishment, 2018, dir. Stephen Maing

My remote Sundance rampage continues! (Sundancepage?) From soul-crushing Greek arts farts to a documentary about police corruption in America, specifically police corruption in the NYPD, the largest police in the country. Crime + Punishment is tangentially about brutality, because how could it not be, but it’s primarily about quotas: How arrest quotas are still in play among the NYPD despite a state ban put in place in 2010, how those quotas (duh) lead to cops targeting innocent minorities, and how those quotas (duh) are used to specifically pressure minority officers to make unlawful arrests. In short, this film is infuriating, and if you want to get furious, you can read my review for The Playlist. (But you can’t watch the movie. Yet. Someday soon, I hope.)

One thought on “Review: Crime + Punishment, 2018, dir. Stephen Maing

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