Films by Women: Five Movies to Watch in January

New year, new feature. For context, I wrote a very long piece about my experiences completing the #52FilmsByWomen pledge in 2017; that piece didn’t pan out, being both too lumbering, too unfocused, and too performative for its own good. But there’s a positive outcome here, being this, a monthly feature for Paste Magazinehighlighting four to five films by women to be released either in theaters or at home. This month, you get five, with the fifth being a Netflix release (which, in my view, is somewhere between a theatrical release and a home video release): In BetweenThe Strange OnesProfessor Marston and the Wonder WomenBitch, and The Polka King. (I’ve written about a few of these in the past, so consider this me urging you to try and catch up on some of the movies on my 2017 #52FilmsByWomen list.)


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