Review: In the Fade, 2017, dir. Fatih Akin

Who loves Nazis? Nobody. Except maybe other Nazis. That’s sort of the thrust of In the Fade, or part of its thrust: Polite society has no use for Nazis, but impolite people is okay with Nazis, and most of all, other Nazis are okay with other Nazis. Fatih Akin’s film is about a woman, played by Diane Kruger exercising the full extent of her powers as an actress, whose Turkish Muslim husband and son are murdered by Nazis via a homemade bomb; the culprits happen to be a Nazi couple, which is somehow more detestable than two regular Nazi schmoes. 

There’s more to the film than Akin’s clear contempt for Nazis, notably his impressions of grief and mourning and what they can drive people to do, but the main message here is: Nazis, fuck off. Dig my thoughts on In the Fade at Paste Magazine.



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