Black Mirror Season 4 Review

Just in the nick of time: Here’s my review of Black Mirror‘s fourth season. In a word, it’s superb. In more words, well, hey now – you’re not getting my thoughts out of me that easily. In the real world, don’t have the kind of technology that lets you do that. If we lived in the Black Mirror-verse, maybe we would, and then all of this blah blah I’m laying down would be totally worthless. I dunno! Maybe. Or something.

This season, I couldn’t stop thinking of the Bible and Greek mythology, and thinking of both made me think of sin more explicitly than the show’s past seasons. I think going into why would require more than a blog blurb, and maybe I’ll find the space to drum up that necessary “more,” but in the meantime I think you’ll be just fine reading what I’ve put down over at The ARTery. (If not: Good grief, have I spoiled you or what.)



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