The Most Destructive Man of “The Last Jedi”

Ho, ho, ho, here’s another friggin’ Star Wars article, this one about The Last Jedi‘s true menace, Poe Dameron, aka “the guy who keeps making bad decisions that get lots of Resistance members super-duper dead.” Spoiler! I guess! I hope you’ve seen the movie at this point, because if not I have way ruined it for you already. 

Be that as it may, my second piece for The Hollywood Reporter about The Last Jedi is a good kind of hot take, not too hot, just enough to make you waggle your eyebrows and say “man this just needs to be a little bit cooler before I can really bite into it, or else I’ll scorch my tongue.” I have no fucking idea where I’m going with this metaphor, so excuse me while I abandon ship. Like the Resistance. (Except I won’t get exploded by First Order cannon fire. Ya burnt, Poe.)

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