Dancing Through ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s’ Musical Numbers, An Authentic Handle On Behavioral Health

What a wild ride Rebecca Bunch has been on this season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! (Really, she’s been on a wild ride for most of the show’s duration, but let’s just focus on one season at a time.) Finally, she has a firm idea of what’s “wrong” with her, which is basically my way of saying that nothing’s truly “wrong” with her but rather that she has a disorder that requires she do some ordering. Easy peasy, light on the peasy. 

I think Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s depiction of behavioral health issues might be the best you’ll find on television*, even if the show is prone to going off on totally fantastical tangents via its musical numbers. Rachel Bloom is careful to never soft-shoe Rebecca’s disorder (though that “Help/Hope” button on the airplane at the end of “I Never Want to See Josh Again” does toe the line), unlike, say, Mr. Robot, which while great has a habit of seriously overdramatizing its lead’s disorder. 

So anyways: I wrote about this for WBUR’s The ARTery. Long story short, though too late, you’ve already read the long story. Suckers.

*I would put You’re the Worst down on that list, though You’re the Worst hasn’t really given half a crap about Gretchen’s clinical depression since its stellar second season.




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