What Happened To Tommy Wiseau After ‘The Room’ Became A Legendary Bomb

Color me ignorant to the love people have for The Room. Sort of, I guess. Look, I get liking crappy movies; I have gone to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show performed live in theaters and participated to extents in the rituals and customs of its live exhibitions. But I don’t necessarily qualify The Rocky Horror Picture Show as “crappy.” It’s certainly not crappy in the way that The Room is crappy. I can celebrate The Rocky Horror Picture Show for its effect on pop culture and for what it represents to and in queer culture. I can’t do that for The Room, because The Room‘s cult is based in large part on the early-to-mid 2000s obsession with memes. That’s mostly it. 

So I’m not as interested in The Disaster Artist as others; I don’t like The Room in any capacity. But all the same I am captivated by Tommy Wiseau, who is either a cross between a cretin and an asshole or the best performance artist who ever lived. Either way, he’s an enigma, so for Thrillist, I carved off a chunk of my own sanity doing a deep dive on his life and times post-The Room, pre-The Disaster Artist. Appreciate it. Whatever.



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