Why ‘Coco’ Feels Like an Act of Defiance


There is a part of me that loves Coco, the new Pixar film, for Coco, and a part of me that loves it for essentially being a big ol’ “eff you” to our president and his openly xenophobic, anti-immigrant ideology, which isn’t really an “ideology,” because let’s face it, Donald is not an ideological kind of guy, but more just an ingrained hatred. Either way, it’s engulfing the country and corroding America, and one way to cleanse it is by making art that stands in direct but covert opposition to it. Basically, any movie or TV show about Mexican culture, authored by Mexican storytellers, is going to feel like an innate rebuke to Trumpian racism, whether it’s intended or not. Such is the case with Coco. So I dug in at The Hollywood Reporter and wrote about it, and there you have it! Fuck Trump.



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