Complaining About DC Movies Has Become Tiresome

I probably shouldn’t give half a damn either way about Justice League; it’s pretty crummy, it’s a comic book movie, and pretty crummy comic book movies don’t really deserve anyone to come to their defense. But the truth is that most comic book movies are pretty crummy, and while the DC comic book movies tend to be crummier than the Marvel comic book movies on average, I’m kinda bored with the overwhelming vitriol we all heap on them when they stumble into theaters. From where I’m sitting, the DC movies try, and while they mostly fail, I can’t help but feel bad for them for all of the trying that they do. They really want to be good! They just, you know, aren’t, and I suspect most of that has to do with corporate meddling. 

Because I have a mighty heart, I dug into these feelings outlined above for The Hollywood Reporter.




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