Ichi the Killer Doesn’t Need Your 4K

And now, for the second time this year, I’ll link to that old piece I wrote about Ichi the Killer back when this blog was in its fledgling days (and literally everything I wrote, I wrote on these pages, as opposed to what I do now). 

There’s a reason for the re-link: Ichi the Killer is back in theaters, and with a sparkly 4K restoration to boot. But this, well, this is a problem for me. Not that I don’t appreciate the effort put into the restoration, but I’m not sure films like Ichi the Killer were ever really meant to be seen by human eyes in this kind of definition. So I wrote about that for Paste Magazine after watching the 4K presentation and nearly losing my lunch.

(So I guess there’s that: I first saw this movie back in 2002, and I’ve watched it a half dozen times since then. This is the first rewatch that made me feel as nauseated as I was the first time. Good work, Well Go USA!)

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