Review: Bitch, 2017, dir. Marianna Palka

Every so often, I watch a movie for review, I like it, and as much as I can articulate the things I like about it, I…can’t articulate a fucking thing about why I like it, or what it means on a cultural or even just a niche level. That’s my experience with Marianna Palka’s new film, Bitch, which, as you will immediately guess by its title, is about a woman who loses her shit and starts acting like a dog after being a stay at home mother of four with a cheating loser husband for too long. (Duh, right?) Look: It’s good. It might even be better than good. But it’s also fraught, and complex, and hard to look at, and that’s all I’m going to say for now because you really should just do a thing with this hyperlink here.

One thought on “Review: Bitch, 2017, dir. Marianna Palka

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