TV Review: The Girlfriend Experience

GES2 Tease Art, For Digital Use Only, Image IDs: GES2_050717_01150, GES2_042917_00329, GES2_042917_01319

If you’re not already watching Starz’ The Girlfriend Experience, might I suggest you start now; now in its second season, the show has completely changed face by moving on from its season one arc, involving the great Riley Keough, to a dual-narrative that respectively involve Anna Friel and Louisa Krause, and Carmen Ejogo. It’s still a high stakes, low-emotion show. It’s still hypnotic. It’s still about experiences with women who pretend to be your girlfriend. But it’s also about women’s search for freedom and identity, and about skulduggery in Washington politics, which I’m sure is something everyone is eager to dive into in their televised fiction.

The Playlist asked me to jot down my thoughts on the season writ large, so, well, here’s this.


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