Is the Slasher Movie Dying?

Friday the 13th only rolls around so often; in the case of 2017, “so often” means “twice,” and we’ll stick to that pattern until Donald Trump (or, who knows, maybe Mike Pence) gets voted the fuck out of office. But how cool is it that our second Friday the 13th this year happens to fall in October, the month of the year where everyone is a horror fan (or at least pretends to be)? 

I took this rare opportunity to write about slasher films and slashers, specifically the big three from the 1980’s, and more specifically about how Jason Voorhees will outlive them all. This is his day, after all. It’s in the name of his franchise. You can find my collected, rambling, yet somehow cohesive thoughts on the matter over at The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog.

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