Humanity In Horror Movies

And just in time for the scariest month on the calendar (save for November during fucking election years): This new, shiny piece I’ve got up at The Hollywood Reporter (which, being a few days old, no longer quite qualifies as either “new” or “shiny,” but shaddup), about Mike Flanagan and his new film, Gerald’s Game. If you’re a Stephen King reader, and really, c’mon, aren’t we all, you know the title well enough already. You might know it well enough to wonder how anyone could possibly adapt it into a movie. 

But Flanagan did. And it’s good! It’s also a great vehicle for his humanity, which is the unifying thread of his body of work. So I explored that for THR’s Heat Vision blog, and this is what I came up with. As usual, it’s great. (The piece, I mean. The film is too, of course, but you know I’m not sharing this stuff because I’m modest or anything.)



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