A Bostonian’s Take On Jake Gyllenhaal’s Boston Bombing Survivor, “Stronger”

I hated Patriots Day so much that I was taken off guard by how much I liked Stronger, David Gordon Green’s own attempt at tackling the events of the Boston Marathon bombing on screen; narrowing that down further, I was taken off guard by how critical Green’s film is about the response to the bombing, or a subsection of the response, because let’s face it, if you’re a Bostonian, chances are your biggest contribution to healing the city post-bombing was shouting “Boston strong” at total strangers at sports games.

Stronger reminded me of how much we let down the survivors of the attack through back-patting slogan parroting, so instead of writing about why Stronger is better than Patriots Day (which I may still do, even if it isn’t an especially strong angle; “better than Patriots Day” is an insulting measuring stick of quality), I wrote about what the movie really means for people living in the Greater Boston Area who can recall with clarity where they were and what they were doing the day the bombs went off. Put your eyeballs on your screen after you click this link to Thrillist.



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