‘mother!’ Marks New Turn In Year of Prestige Horror

It’s been seven years since I gave a damn about a Darren Aronofsky movie, but in that time he won everyone’s hearts with Black Swan and made a big ol’ oopsie with Noah, so I guess on the “give a damn” scale, he still scores better than neutral. So it was a pleasure to write about his new picture, mother!, starring his new girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence; I don’t think I can accurately describe the movie in terms other than “bananatown,” but I can fearlessly qualify it as a giant Oscar-fueled production backed by a stupid amount of Academy-nominated talent. 

I feel like that’s a sign. I hope it’s a sign, anyways, that horror might be a fixture in this year’s prestige season, especially surrounded by other high-quality, high-art horror movies like Thelma (which is great!) and Personal Shopper (which is also great!). So I took all that hope and spun about 900 words out of it for the fine folks at The Hollywood Reporter. Be a lamb and give it a read, won’t you?

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