Review: 1%, 2017, dir. Stephen McCallum

I suspect most will find 1% entertaining enough that my remote TIFF review of the film (so called because I reviewed the film in Boston and not on-location at TIFF) will strike some as maybe a little bit unfair or even a bit pretentious. Well…you’re wrong! It’s neither of these things. If anything, I’m just being over-harsh, but if you ever see 1%, and if it lets you down as much as it let me down, you’ll understand. It’s a lazy movie, too content to just be a standard-issue biker flick (with maybe more blood). Normally that’d be fine. But the film introduces elements of masculinity and does nothing with them, which I find kind of insulting. 

To work out my feelings, I wrote some words about 1% for The Playlist.


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