Review: Marjorie Prime, 2017, dir. Michael Almereyda

If you could have a perfect holographic image of your late lover, whether your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or some undefinable fling, stored on a hard drive, and if you could talk to that image whenever you please, and if that image could learn about the person it reflects and become more and more like them every day…wouldn’t that be nice? Or would it maybe just be heartbreaking, perhaps simply weird?

Maybe you’ve heard of Marjorie Prime, Michael Almereyda’s new film, adapted from the Jordan Harrison play of the same name. The film snagged a percentage of high praise out of Sundance last January, and the play scored Harrison a Pulitzer nomination. Not too shabby. If you haven’t heard of it, well, you have now, and you can head over to Paste Magazine to dig my review of the Almereyda movie, which happens to be spectacular.


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