The Defenders Proves That We Need Fewer Superhero Teamups

Maybe I’m the wrong person to write about superhero stuff in 2017. Guys, really: I just can’t watch superhero things without finding big philosophical flaws in their makeup and intent. I’m afraid to sit through the second season of Jessica Jones when it airs next year, even, though then again, Jessica is the best thing about The Defenders, the Netflix-level version of The Avengers; this is the one where Jessica, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist all join up to fight the most uninteresting enemy in all of Marvel’s screen endeavors, The Hand, and all for very contrived and very forced reasons. It does the job. I give most of the credit to the actors.

But you knew that already, assuming you’ve read my piece about The Defenders, freshly posted to the pages of Polygon (marking the third debut on a new site in less than a month’s time). If you haven’t, well, dammit, what’s the deal, dude (or dudette)? You and I, I thought we were friends. I guess not (unless you click the hyperlink now, in which case all’s forgiven).

One thought on “The Defenders Proves That We Need Fewer Superhero Teamups

  1. I agree – worst group of superheroes ever. Daredevil is the only one I liked, but that ended with the first season. Iron Fist was just sad and I can’t stand Jessica Jones. (I kept waiting for it to get better – it didn’t). Then came Luke Cage. I tried, but gave up after episode 2. I told my husband to watch The Defenders without me.

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