Review: Lemon, 2017, dir. Janicza Bravo

Here it is, at long last (that is, if you think six months qualifies as “long”): My review of Janicza Bravo’s excellent debut feature film, Lemon, a chronicle of defective but self-aggrandizing whiteness, starring Bravo’s husband Brett Gelman (also serving here as co-writer; they’re a real team). 

There are reasons and then some why I like this movie so much, and I don’t think I can summarize that here any better than I do in the actual piece (available for viewing at Paste Magazine); I think, in short, that it’s perhaps the best version of the kind of movie it wishes to be, a white guy cringe comedy about white manhood impeding itself. Think of literally any Judd Apatow production, but better made and with clearer, harsher intentions.

At this point I’d just recommend you read my review. Like always.




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