Review: Columbus, 2017, dir. Kogonada

I missed Columbus at this year’s Independent Film Festival Boston, so of course I was thrilled to catch up with it for its theatrical release. I was even more thrilled to find that it’s lovely, poetic, and just plain old great. At a glance, I expected the film to follow along expected plot lines, but I guess I should have put more faith in Kogonada, its director, the guy responsible for making all kinds of great visual essays about the films of the masters; his own approach to feature filmmaking is delicate, compassionate, full of grace and genuine human melancholy, and his sense of composition and craftsmanship is absolutely superb. Put in short, I loved it, and you’ll love it too, but maybe not as much as you’ll love my review of the film over at Paste Magazine. (Zing! I zinged ya.)



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