Review: The Trip to Spain, 2017, dir. Michael Winterbottom

I took a trip to Spain back in May, during Independent Film Festival Boston, which is just a cutesy-poo way of saying that I saw The Trip to Spain, Michael Winterbottom’s third entry in his The Trip series, orchestrated with and starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. As with the other Trip movies, I liked this one. But it left a profoundly bitter aftertaste in my mouth, in part because of its batshit crazy ending, but mostly because it’s just reallyreally bitter. Not that Rob and Steve ever fully get along with one another in the preceding movies, but there isn’t even a Art Parkinson moment in The Trip to Spain that brings them together and suffuses the film with warmth. 

Obviously I have feelings about this, so I put all of those feelings into digital form for the fine folks at Paste Magazine.




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