Best of Criterion’s New Releases, July 2017

I forgot to post this, so here it is: Paste Magazine’s Criterion Collection Round-Up for July of 2017

For whatever reason, I thought I’d written about Rome, Open City in the past – and it’s possible that I have, and have merely forgotten – but revisiting it years after first watching it, I found that my appreciation for its embrace of common heroism has grown. Maybe it’s the moment that we’re in as a country, but I sorely wish I saw more examples of that kind of courage in everyday life. (And maybe I’m overstating how precarious a position we’re in as a country, but still.)

Also: I’ve never written about Robert Bresson’s L’Argent before, but boy, it’s a real outrage of a movie, so quiet that you’ll scarcely detect the anger behind the camera – but it’s there. (I don’t see how it can’t be.) 


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