TV Review: Room 104

Well, would you look at that! I got an article up at The ARTery, the arts and culture hub for our local NPR station here in Boston, good ol’ WBUR: It’s a review of Room 104, a new anthology series running on HBO, which just began airing on 07/28. In my estimation, based solely on what I’ve seen of the series, it’s worth your time; I have a few issues with the premiere, but if I’m being totally open here, I’m a sucker for an anthology joint, especially one based on so many diverse approaches from diverse voices. (Yes, this is a Duplass brothers production; no, they aren’t behind the camera for a single episode.)

Basically, if you’ve got HBO, give Room 104 a look, and do that other thing where you click this link to The ARTery and support my work!


One thought on “TV Review: Room 104

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