Review: Killing Ground, 2017, dir. Damien Power

In stark contrast to Kuso, that really gross movie I reviewed the other day, here’s my review of Damien Power’s Killing Ground over at Paste Magazine, which is arguably harsher while being much less offensive to watch.

This is something I struggle with frequently as a critic and as an all-around cinephile: What is, and isn’t, offensive, and what is, and isn’t, upsetting? Killing Ground isn’t graphically or explicitly violent, but it does plainly present the aftermath of sexual violence, and we do see people die on screen, even if Power doesn’t linger on death itself. It remains easy to watch in a purely functional sense, though, as Power has a deft hand at filmmaking. Kuso, on the other hand, is incredibly hard to watch, even though it’s absent of outright cruelty. The film’s surplus of outrageous, disgusting material ends up being way more difficult to watch.

Anyways – Killing Ground is pretty great. So check it out, read my review, call your mother, etc, etc.


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