Review: False Confessions, 2017, dir. Luc Bondy

“What a fun lark,” said my frosted side after watching Luc Bondy’s False Confessions. “Is this sort of story still worth recycling in 2017?” said my whole wheat side while stroking his beard.

Maybe I’m being a spoilsport here, but sitting through False Confessions, I couldn’t help but wonder at its basic conceit and whether it’s really appropriate to tell stories about men tricking women into marrying them. I know, I know: That’s really boring. But if I’m being honest the movie isn’t really all that special beyond its fun lark-ness, and I suspect that if filmmakers are going to lean on that trope, they need to mine something more out of it beyond the basics. 

You can absorb my full fuddy duddy thoughts on False Confessions at Paste Magazine.


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