Best of Criterion’s New Releases, June 2017

I’m not saying that Baby Driver and They Live by Night are all that closely related; I’m just saying that I saw both in close proximity to one another, and I couldn’t help thinking of their surface similarities, even though they’re ultimately from different families. Regardless, They Live by Night is a highlight from The Criterion Collection’s June slate, but so as to avoid tooting my own horn I will also point you all to The Marseille Trilogy and Straw Dogs, a film that I’m starting to see people reevaluate on the Twitters and the Facebooks in our current, representation-minded, socially conscious film criticism society. (Troubling as the movie’s images are, I still consider it great, but I won’t fault anyone who finds it too graphically violent and bleak, among other things.) 

Anyways: If you want to just read our collected write-ups, all you need to do is hover your mouse over the hyperlink and click it, and then you will be transported to Paste Magazine, and you can read the article. It’s just that easy!


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