Review: Tramps, 2017, dir. Adam Leon

Tramps, to me, represents the double-edged sword of Netflix; with it, filmmakers like Adam Leon get to work, but they also don’t get to show their movies in actual theaters. I don’t know how I feel about that. (Wait: Yes I do! Bad. I feel bad about that.)

If that’s the trade-off for Leon making another movie, I guess it’s a fair trade-off, especially since I’ve been waiting for his follow-up to his debut, Gimme the Loot, since 2013. As a sophomore feature, Tramps is a solid evolution for Leon as an artist, bubbly, warm, deeply compassionate, and made with his particular eye for faraway angles. I wrote about all of that, plus a little more, for Paste Magazine, so do yourself (and me) a favor and have a look, y’know?


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