Review: Kill Switch, 2017, dir. Tim Smit

I’m a man with an iron stomach, but even I came close to blowing chunks during stretches of Hardcore Henry, so the idea of taking on another film shot through a first-person perspective might make me sound amnesic. But Kill Switch isn’t Hardcore Henry, not simply for lack of gratuitous violence (and gratuitous Sharlto Copley performances) but for lack of emphasis on the first-person view. About half the film is styled as an FPS game, and the rest is, well, a movie.

I wrestled with this dichotomy in my review, posted at Paste Magazine, and came up with a handful of disappointment. I didn’t dislike Kill Switch, but I’m baffled by its structure and Tim Smit’s technical choices (though I must express my admiration for Dan Stevens and his omnipresence in 2017, from Legion, to Colossal, to Beauty and the Beast, to The Ticket, and other things that haven’t even come out yet).

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