Interview: Zoe Lister-Jones, “Band Aid”

More spillover from this year’s Independent Film Festival Boston, boys and girls! In this chapter of my post-fest follow-up, I present to you my interview with Zoe Lister-Jones, actress, writer, singer, filmmaker, playwright, and probably a host of other nouns denoting profession that I am unaware of. (Chef? Basketball player? Deep sea fisherwoman? Vigilante superheroine?)

Getting back on track before my mind drags me out to waters I’m bound to drown in, Lister-Jones’ new movie, Band Aid, is out in theaters in the Boston area this Friday. As you might expect based on the title of this post, we talked about Band Aid. As you also might expect, I kinda dug it, but really I just dug talking to Lister-Jones about working with an all-female crew, a rarity in the movie world. You can find out more about that by going to Paste Magazine, which I bet you also additionally expected.


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