Soaking in Prague’s Beer Spa

Good news, everybody! I write about beer now, too! And for Paste Magazine, no less, which in my estimation is one of the best outlets for journalism regarding the beer world. Color me biased. (I’m biased. But I also know that Paste’s thoughts on beer are held in pretty high esteem by people who are not me. I feel bad for them, but even if they aren’t me, it’s nice to be validated.)

So: As you may well know, I was on holiday recently. As part of that holiday, we went to Prague. While in Prague, we drank a decent amount of beer. (Mostly Pilsner Urquell. No complaints. Pilsner Urquell is perfect.) We also went to a spa where we got to bathe in a hot tub basically filled with all of the stuff you make beer out of, and we got to drink unlimited beer (sort of) off of a tap, and, well, I think that’s all the preamble I need.

Read the article, soak in my experience.

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