Interview: Demetri Martin, “Dean”

Ehhhhhhhhhh! Remember that time I told you I liked Dean, that movie directed by that guy Demetri Martin? Well, call me biased, but I happened to interview him this year via Independent Film Festival Boston, where the film happened to screen. What a happening!

Let me be blunt: I had a great time talking to Martin, and I do mean “talk,” as I did not pepper him with questions so much as I made comments and then shut my mouth to listen to his answers. This is what I would call a conversational interview. I’m pretty happy with it. I hope you are too! But in order to find that out, you have to make your way over to Slant Magazine to read the article. (It’s my first on that site! Pretty cool.)

2 thoughts on “Interview: Demetri Martin, “Dean”

  1. Lucky! Wonderful interview. 🙂 I’m such a huge fan of Demetri Martin’s stand-up shows, and can’t wait to see Dean. Still miss Important Things very much. The skits never fail to make me laugh!

    • I like Martin’s stand-up quite a bit, too, and I dig him as an actor. I think he has promise as a filmmaker, as you can probably tell based on the interview – let me know what you think of “Dean” if you get to see it!

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