Review: Take Me, 2017, dir. Pat Healy

I’m not sure I should be reviewing things that Taylor Schilling does. We were classmates in middle school. If objectivity matters in criticism (it doesn’t, but legions of DCEU fans think it does, and who am I to overlook them in discussion of a film that has fucking nothing to do with the DCEU, right?), then it’s probably a party foul for me to write nice words about her work.

But whatever. I’ma do it anyways, because she’s hilarious, especially in movies like Take Me, where she brings the role of victim to comic heights I’m not sure are allowed by law. The real engineer of the whole thing is Pat Healy, a guy who most likely needs therapy just based on his body of work (but please don’t get therapy, Pat, because I really do love that you’re such a sucker for punishment), but it’s Schilling’s movie regardless, and she’s great in it.

I documented my feelings on Take Me at Paste Magazine.

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