Review: Buster’s Mal Heart, 2017, dir. Sarah Adina Smith

I like Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail’s psychological hacker-drama on the good ol’ US of A Network, so it stands to reason that I might also like Buster’s Mal Heart, Sarah Adina Smith’s psychological whatsit drama, which stars Mr. Robot‘s bug-eyed leading man, Rami Malek. But I didn’t like Buster’s Mal Heart that much. I mean: I liked it. I would probably not be mad if you forced me to re-watch it. Credit for that should mostly go to Malek, and also to Smith, who is a solid filmmaker. But I would prefer a version of this film that either leans into its weirdness or leaned away from gimmicky contrivances. You’ll get what I mean when you read my review over at the good ol’ Paste Magazine.


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