TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 4.15, “The Last Ride”

Spoiler alert: The title of this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a lie. Just thought I should tell you that upfront, because there is just no way anyone could have guessed that on their own, no sir. (This is my shorthand, smartass way of saying that I dug “The Last Ride” in spite of its predictability, because it does a great job doing all the things that I need Brooklyn Nine-Nine to do in order to tickle me and delight me. This is borne out in my review for Paste Magazine, though I didn’t voice my one complaint about the episode there, so I’ll do it here: Can Gina stop being the person who randomly saves the day by being a complete asshole? Seriously. I love Gina, but I’m getting a little worn out by this Gina ex machina shit.)

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