The 20 Best Westerns on Netflix

I must confess that I found the utter dearth of really great Western films available for streaming on ye olde Netflix not only perplexing, but disturbing. You’re telling me that Netflix can’t manage to put twenty great Western films up on its site, and instead can only manage to put a much smaller number than that, plus dogshit like The Ridiculous Six and Gallowwalkers?Sheesh. Maybe lay off the reality TV and the comedy specials, yeah? That’d be swell. At least Blazing Saddles and El Dorado and Once Upon a Time in the West are up on there, but still. Then again, I’m glad I got the chance to say mean things about Adam Sandler, which I rarely get to do. 

Anyways. This is a hyperlink. If you click the hyperlink, you will be taken to the page where my list of the best Western movies on Netflix exists. You figure it out.


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