TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 4.13, “The Audit”

I say this a lot, particularly whenever Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to air after its mid-season break or its season ender, but: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back, baby! Just like Gina Linetti! I failed, in my recap of “The Audit” for Paste Magazine, to properly salute Dirk Blocker for his perfect delivery of that exact line upon Gina’s return to the precinct, but oh well. I’m not perfect. Neither is “The Audit,” but it’s damn close; there’s a ton of funny happening here, all in harmony and without letting up. All good Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes tend to fall that way, of course, but the best of them only hit the speeds that “The Audit” hits, so basically what I’m saying is that this episode is a cut above the rest. Deal with it. (And read the recap.)

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