Review: Win it All, 2017, dir. Joe Swanberg

Joe Swanberg did a thing, and I liked the thing that Joe Swanberg did. This is not unusual. I have liked Joe Swanberg things in the past. I have also not liked Joe Swanberg things in the past, because improvisational filmmaking has its ups as well as its downs, the former being the life that can be breathed into a movie by spontaneity, the latter being the incredible gamble of eschewing components of staged drama a’la scripts. Win it All is a film of the former persuasion, buoyed by great work from Jake Johnson, who should probably just be the leading man in everything Swanberg does from here on out. I wrote about this for Paste Magazine. I bet you’re just shocked to read that, but maybe not as shocked as you are by my positivism. Look, I can’t be in a crap mood all the time. Sometimes I just have to like a movie. Sue me.


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