Review: The Sense of an Ending, 2017, dir. Ritesh Batra

Remember that time I reviewed Andrew Haigh’s 45 Years? I sure haven’t forgotten it. In part that’s because I just got my copy of The Criterion Collection’s Blu-ray release of the film in the mail; in larger part it’s because I recently saw The Sense of an Ending, the new film from The Lunchbox director Ritesh Batra, and if it’s softer and gentler overall compared to the Haigh picture, it’s still similar in terms of content and intention. I should note that The Sense of an Ending isn’t a masterpiece like 45 Years, but it is very good all the same, further proof of Batra’s skill as a compassionate observer of human follies. I liked it a lot. But don’t take this blog post for it: Mosey on over to Paste Magazine and read my full review! I know, I know. That’s asking a lot. 


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