Review: Catfight, 2017, dir. Onur Tukel


Speaking of truth in movie titles, here’s Catfight, a movie that is both honestly and dishonestly named at the same time. It is, in fact, about a rivalry between two women living in New York City, played by Anne Heche and Sandra Oh, but it is not, in fact, about just one “catfight” (here defined mostly as an all-out, WWE street-level brawl), but about a series of catfights that occur over the span of several years and involve several comas. I won’t say more than that in regards to the plot. I will say that I’m not really sure I “liked” this movie, and also that I’m not really sure anyone is supposed to “like” it; it’s unapologetically repulsive, the definition of a feel-bad film. But damn if I wasn’t glued to the screen while watching it.

Full thoughts are, as ever, available for your reading pleasure at Paste Magazine.


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