Review: Headshot, 2017, dir. Timo Tjahjanto & Kimo Stamboel


Sometimes, all you want is for a movie to be about the thing it says it’s about. Case in point, Headshot, a movie about a guy who gets shot in the head, survives, loses his memories, regains his memories, and, after grappling with the realization that he was trained from childhood to be a killing machine, goes on a badass action movie rampage. If I need to say anything more than that to sell you on this thing, then there’s something wrong with you,  but put in short the film is fucking great. Indonesian cinema aficionados, seek this out wherever  you can; if you like The Raid (and all Raid-adjacent movies) or Macabre (and all Macabre-adjacent movies), Headshot was basically made for you, and you’d look like a real asshole if you didn’t find it and watch it. (While you’re at it please go also read my review of the film at Paste Magazine, thanks.)

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