Review: Get Out, 2017, dir. Jordan Peele


I remember hearing the news that Jordan Peele, he of Key and Peele fame, had designs on directing and writing his own horror movie some years ago, around late 2014 if memory serves, in between the murder of Michael Brown and the acquittal of his killer, Darren Wilson, which in my mind is the moment in contemporary American history where the Black Lives Matter movement became a platform more than a position. (I’m probably wrong in factual terms, but permit me to speak from my own experiences and through my own recollections.) And I remember thinking at the time, “Hey, dang, this is a really great idea, I can’t wait to see how it turns out.”

It’s rare that movies meet my insane expectations for them after a three year waiting period for their theatrical release. Peele’s film, simply titled Get Out, exceeded my expectations by both being exactly what I thought it would be and being so much more than that. It opens today. I suggest you go see it. First, however, I might suggest you read the review I wrote, available as always on the pages of Paste Magazine


3 thoughts on “Review: Get Out, 2017, dir. Jordan Peele

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