Review: Fist Fight, 2017, dir. Richie Keen


Cool thing you might not know about me: The more I criticize a movie whose central premise I am clearly in favor of, the more I liked the movie. The criticism just means that the movie let me down and didn’t wind up being the movie I wanted it to be. Case in point, Fist Fight, which features a lot of delightful comic violence but really acts like it’s more straight-laced than it actually should be. Opportunities abound for the film to pull the throttle and go batshit, but it’s too hesitant to do that until the climactic fist fight between Charlie Day and Ice Cube. 

It’s probably worth the price of admission just to watch them pummel each other, but man, there’s such a better movie in here that I can’t help but be bummed that that movie ends up getting swept under banality. Go to Paste Magazine. I wrote about this grave matter at length there.


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