TV Review: Taboo, Episode 1.06


…man, I don’t even know with this Taboo show anymore, guys! I’m riding a fucking roller coaster here! The frosted side of me is in love with its unapologetic, bizarre narrative course as well as its aesthetic, which borrows as much from Game of Thrones and Deadwood as it does Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland. The whole wheat side of me totally thinks that the incest angle is included for shock value, and isn’t even dramatized particularly well. There’s literally no reason Zilpha couldn’t be written as James Delaney’s wife, who remarries (to Thorne, of course) after James’ disappearance on his Africa journey. Concurrent to that, there’s no reason why James and Zilpha have to be half-siblings. Not that I’m against the idea of Oona Chaplin and Tom Hardy, two of my favorite screen people, simulating naughty things on screen together, but the underlying and unspoken ickiness of the bro/sis love here drives me bonkers. 

But I digress. Get thee to Paste Magazine and bask in my recap of this week’s Taboo episode.

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