TV Review: Taboo, Episode 1.05


This week on Taboo: Andy can’t take it anymore, so he dives deep on the show’s lack of focus on its non-Tom Hardy people, especially its non-Tom Hardy people who are ladies. Maybe it’s Oona Chaplin’s lot in life to be cast as women caught under the heels of patriarchal violence, domination, and abuse; I don’t know enough about Jessie Buckley’s work to wonder about her own lot in life, but at least she gets to play a character who isn’t routinely maritally raped, so that’s something. Chaplin is talented. Buckley is talented, too, and in fact her work on Taboo is at this point second only to Hardy’s. It’s not that The Tom Hardy Show isn’t worth watching, but why bother with an ensemble in a series built to revolve around one actor? 

Such is my complaint over this week’s episode, which I stretched out to about a thousand words for Paste Magazine. Hopefully Chaplin gets to do something wicked with that very lethal looking knitting needle in future.

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