The Boston Online Film Critics Association’s 2016 Awards


You’re aware, I imagine, that I am a member of BOFCA, the Boston Online Film Critics Association, and if you are aware of that, then you are also likely aware that every year, we vote, as critics groups do, to determine with authority which movies of the last 365 days were, in a word, “best.” So that’s what we did for 2016, a crummy year for being alive but a great year for being a cinephile (especially as it concerns December, which has unleashed, and is still yet to unleash, a veritable torrent of outstanding films from some truly great filmmakers). 

Looking for Best Actors and Actresses? We got that. Best Editing? Come on down. Best Cinematography? Best Picture? You get the idea. I personally diverge from a few of the choices here, but the same can be said of everybody. Besides, I’ll have my own personal top ten posted on this very site by the end of the year, though I doubt it will vary much from the list I submitted for my BOFCA ballot. For the time being let the BOFCA Awards tide you over.


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