Review: Don’t Call Me Son, 2016, dir. Anna Muylaert


In Anna Muylaert’s Don’t Call Me Son, a young man, Pierre, learns that his mother isn’t really his mother, and that he was snatched from his birth family as a baby; this leads to his new family becoming reintroduced to him after his abduction, which means they learn that their long-lost son likes to wear women’s clothes and he’s as attracted to boys as to girls. There are so many ways that kind of premise could go wrong, but Muylaert speaks through cinema so fluently that she never opens herself up to any of the potential pitfalls of her set-up. Read my full review of the film at Paste Magazine to get the rest of the scoop on this little gem.


One thought on “Review: Don’t Call Me Son, 2016, dir. Anna Muylaert

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