Review: The Handmaiden, 2016, dir. Park Chan-wook


Drop everything: There’s a new Park Chan-wook movie in theaters. And when I say “drop everything,” I mean everything, because boy, The Handmaiden seriously wants to turn up your temperature. As I note in my review of the film, which you can read at Paste Magazine as long as you know how to click a mouse, the film isn’t pornography or anything of the sort – it’s just sexy, and in its sexiness Park sees humanity. (I’m at peak Film Critic here. Don’t get in my way.) 

Just read the review, and if you’re adventurous, go see the film. It’s great, really great, maybe one of the best Park has ever made (and that’s a strong statement coming from me, a longtime fan of Park’s cinema), and easily one of the best movies of the year.


One thought on “Review: The Handmaiden, 2016, dir. Park Chan-wook

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