TV Review: Luke Cage, Episodes 1.05 & 1.06, “Just to Get a Rep”/”Suckas Need Bodyguards”


So: Problems! Luke Cage hits kind of a standstill during its fifth and sixth episodes, mostly because it fails to appropriately pair its hero against a suitable villain. You can see how this is almost inevitable from the start: Stokes, a mortal man with a mean streak and delusions of Robin Hood-dom, uses bullets to get the job done, but he’s fighting a guy who is bulletproof. You’d think that Diamondback, the show’s real heavy, would begin to factor into the plot sooner, not later, but we’ll get to him in the next write-up. 

For now, we’ll be content with these two chapters, which aren’t bad, but which sort of bring the plot to a halt. Read my reasoning on that one over at Paste Magazine.

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