Review: Miss Hokusai, 2016, dir. Keiichi Hara


Maybe you like anime. Maybe you don’t. Maybe if you do, you think of “anime” in myopic terms and consider anything that doesn’t feature robots or monsters or other weird shit “anime,” but that’s dopey as fuck because “anime” is a word of pretty broad meanings. Besides that, Miss Hokusai, this little ditty I reviewed for The Playlist, is great no matter how you categorize it, though it’s worth advertising the fact that it features hints of dragons and ghosts and such as that while also being an historical movie about a very real Japanese artist and his very real long-suffering daughter. Dig it! It opens here in Boston on 10/21, and is already out there in New York and L.A. as of now.

3 thoughts on “Review: Miss Hokusai, 2016, dir. Keiichi Hara

  1. This sounds very appealing and the artwork is less doe-eyed. I am not at all into anything that even in the least bit sexualizes under-age characters so this sounds like a winner in that regard as I read your review. Loved Shin-chan, but now that I reflect upon it I think my son who grew up watching that show in the 90’s turned out a lot like him!

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